Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Anton Hunter
Effectif: Effectif : 11 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Royaume-Uni

Sam Andreae, Oliver Dover : alto sax
Simon Prince : flute, tenor sax
Cath Roberts : baritone sax
Graham South, Nick Walters : trumpet
Tullis Rennie, Richard Foote : trombone
Anton Hunter : guitar
Seth Bennett : bass
Johnny Hunter : drums



Direction artistique :
Anton Hunter

@ Mac

Article XI was originally formed for Manchester Jazz Festival 2014 as Anton Hunter’s mjf originals commission for Manchester Jazz Festival. Anton’s innovative compositional method incorporates the band members’ individual voices as improvisers into the finished pieces, calling into question the composer/performer hierarchy and offering an alternative collective approach to composition. The eleven piece group (named after the 11th article of the European Convention on Human Rights, regarding freedom of assembly and trade unions) released its debut album on Efpi Records in 2018 to critical acclaim.


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