Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Pablo Mazuecos
Effectif: Effectif : 17 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Espagne

Victor Jiménez : sax
Tete Leal : sax
Enrique Oliver : sax
Dani Torres : sax
Carlos Ligero : sax
Miguel Moisés : trombone
Tomeu Garcias : trombone
Fernando Brox : trombone
Jose Diego Sarabia : trombone
Pep Garau : trumpet
Bruno Calvo : trumpet
David Galera : trumpet
Julián Sánchez : trumpet
Daahoud Salim : piano
Peter Connolly : guitar
Bori Albero : bass
Andreu Pitarch : drums



Pablo Mazuecos
+34 678 50 13 07

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The Clasijazz Big Band Profesional is a pilot and innovative project that brings together 17 musicians of the highest level living together for 6 months rehearsing, training and performing uninterruptedly every week both at Clasijazz headquarters and on tour.

This project demonstrates the socio-cultural richness and varied applications provided by having a formation such as the Big Band on a stable basis in a city. For 6 months this formation is performing more than 20 different repertoires with guest conductors, in addition to conducting masterclasses and educational concerts. Among the most important activities are: the realization of big band concerts both online and in person, concerts of groups of components of the big band, high level training, recording albums, interviews, etc.

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