Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Sergio Llopis
Effectif: Effectif : 10 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Espagne

Sergio Llopis : keys, composition and arrangement
Gori Matas Sabaté : hammond organ, keys
Teo Salva Rossello : drums
Rogerio Santos Silva : percussions
Juanjo Amengual : bass
Jordi Tugores : guitar
Joan Colom : guitar
Thomas Fontin : tenor sax/flute/
Xema Borras : trombone
Guillem Nadal : trumpet



Thomas Fontin
+ 34 610 374 033

© Miquel Muntaner

The band was formed by keyboardist and primary composer Sergio Llopis in 2013. The Mallorcan based collective Highlands Project is currently one of the jazz bands with highest reputation in the Balearic Islands. Highlands Project is a collective of sorts with as many as 10 members. The band has earned high praise from critical pages and websites from the country such as Enderrock, AraBaleares and TomaJazz.

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