Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Even Kruse Skatrud
Effectif: Effectif : 14 à 19 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Norvège

Frank Brodahl : trumpet
Marius Haltli : trumpet
Anders Eriksson : trumpet, flygelhorn
Even Kruse Skatrud : trombone, sousaphone
Nils Andreas Granseth : trombone
Ingrid Utne : bass trombone
Martin Myhre Olsen : soprano sax, alto sax
Børge-Are Halvorsen : tenor sax, flute, alto flute
Atle Nymo : tenor sax, bass clarinet
Tina Lægreid Olsen : baritone sax, bass clarinet
Jens Thoresen : guitar
Anders Aarum : piano, Rhodes
Trygve Waldemar Fiske : bass
Håkon Mjåset Johansen : trommer



Producer :
Anders Eriksson
+47 91 60 60 60

Oslo Jazz ensemble is a gathering of freelance jazz musicians from the Norwegian capital Oslo. The ensemble is really a jazz quintet with 14 musicians, featuring some formidable soloists and ensemble players interacting with a free spirited rhythm section. Since 2006, the ensemble have released 4 albums on the labels ACT, Ozella  Music and Jazzland Recordings. The main aim however, is live performance at festivals and other venues around the world.

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