Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Gina Schwarz
Effectif: Effectif : 9 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Autriche

Gina Schwarz bass : composition
Lorenz Raab : trumpet, flugelhorn
Lisa Hofmaninger : soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Alois Eberl : trombone
Florian Sighartner : violine
Clemens Sainitzer : cello
Philipp Nykrin : piano
Christopher Pawluk : guitar
Judith Schwarz : drums



Gina Schwarz

© DR

Billed as the « Porgy & Bess Stageband » 2017, Pannonica collaborated with many international guests. In the current program, the musicians shall impress the listener with strong solos, colourful sounds and collectiv-improvisations. The conceptual idea and the melodic shape represent the music of the composer and bandleader Gina Schwarz. Creative horn arrangements and melodic string parts are played with passion, virtuosity and purity of expression. In combination with an exciting rhythm section they establish a homogeneous bandsound with unconventional colouring. Inspiration for developing the gender-idea of this project is an outstanding woman: Eponym Baroness Pannonica de Köenigswarter.

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