Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Silke Eberhard
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Pays : Allemagne

Silke Eberhard : alto saxophone
Jürgen Kupke : clarinet
Patrick Braun : tenor saxophone, clarinet
Nikolaus Neuser : trumpet
Gerhard Gschlößl : trombone
Johannes Fink : cello
Taiko Saito : vibraphone
Antonis Anissegos : piano
Igor Spallati : bass
Kay Lübke : drums



Silke Eberhard
+49 (0) 177 670 7532

© Ruth Hommelsheim

Potsa Lotsa is the heart and soul project of the Berlin saxophonist Silke Eberhard, which has been appearing as the Potsa Lotsa XL formation since 2017. In the line-up as the wind quartet Potsa Lotsa, the musicians initially devoted themselves to the compositions of the African-American multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy (1928–1964), the result of this collaboration was the double album The Complete Works Of Eric Dolphy. With the septet Potsa Lotsa Plus, which combines the sound of six wind instruments with electronic sounds, Silke Eberhard subsequently performed Dolphy’s wedding music, Love Suite, which had long been thought to be lost. In the new XL formation, however, Potsa Lotsa performs pieces by Silke Eberhard.

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