Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Jan Klare
Effectif: Effectif : 25 à 30 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Allemagne

Marie Daniels : vocals
Oona Kastner : vocals/keys
Julia Brüssel : violin
Martin Verborg : violin
Ludger Schmidt : cello
Emily Witbrodt : cello
Markus Türk : trumpet
Stephan Gerhartz : trumpet
JD Renken : trumpet
Johannes Brackmann : posaune
maria trautmann : posaune
Moritz Anthes : posaune
Max Wehner : posaune
Adrian Prost : posaune
Alex Morsey : tuba
Christoph Berndt : saxophone
Felix Fritsche : saxophone
Florian Walter : saxophone
Jakob Jentgens : saxophone
Sebastian Gerhartz : saxophone
Andreas Wahl : guitar
Christian Hammer : guitar
Serge Corteyn : guitar
Oliver Siegel : synth
Gilda Razani : theremin
Achim Zepezauer : electronic
Florian Hartlieb : electronic
Kai Niggemann : electronic
Tim Isfort : bass
Johannes Nebel : bass
Volker Kamp : bass
Simon Camatta : drums
Marvin Blamberg : drums
Jan Klare : airmovement/composition 


Artistic director :
Jan Klare


© DR

The Dorf is a very large band that was formed in 2006 and has had about 80 musicians developing the orchestra, performing with around 25 musicians per concert. It functions like a bird-swarm and inf something like 250 concerts a unique way of communication has established. 10 records have been released and collaborations with Phill Niblock, Xu Feng Xia, Caspar Broetzmann, Eugene Chadbourne a.o. took place.

File under idiosyncratic jazz, improvisation, punk and contemporary.

“this is not a band, its a village“

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