Direction artistique: Direction artistique : Hans Lüdemann
Effectif: Effectif : 9 musicien·ne·s
Pays : Allemagne

Hans Lüdemann : piano, virtual piano
Yves Robert : posaune
Silke Eberhard : saxophone alto, clarinet, bass clarinet
Alexandra Grimal : saxophones
Theo Ceccaldi : violin
Ronny Graupe : e-gitar
Sebastien Boisseau : double bass
Dejan Terzic : percussions
Kalle Kalima : q.



The TransEuropeExpress is not a classic jazz band, but an unconventional formation opening maximum creative freedom and knowing no limits. The mission of the ensemble is to go on a journey, connect people, stations and places with their music, as well as to express impressions and emotions in a musical communication. It builds new European connections and takes us, starting from the Franco-German axis, on a fast ride to unknown destinations.


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